If you are concerning about the price of your property in the current market value, here is the right place for you to solve your concern. We are experienced and professional in property valuation service for a decade because we have our professional property valuer team. They are really capable in real estate field regarding market price, the latest updated information of real estate in the local and the strategies of valuation process. We have many corporative partners such as commercial banks, embassies, and other private sectors. We always give the accurate, reliable and updated market price to our clients.

Our Approaches to Valuating Property:

  • Cost approach
  • Market comparable approach
  • Discounted cash flow analysis
  • Income approach
  • Modeling for mass appraisal
  • Residual approach
  • A combination of the above mentioned approaches based on specific client needs.

Our Clients

We partner up. We step forward.

Kookmin Bank Cambodia Plc
Cambodia Asia Bank Ltd
SacomBank (Cambodia) Plc
Mother Finance
Prince Bank Plc
Rural Development Bank (RDB)
 Hong Leong Bank (Cambodia) Plc
Asia Pacific Development Specialized Bank (APD Bank)
Bredbank (Cambodia) Plc
Chief Cambodia Specialized Bank Plc
CIMB Bank Plc
Hattha Kaksekar Limited
M.G.N Emperor Bank
Maybank (Cambodia) Plc
Mega International Commercial Bank Co., Ltd
Prasac MFI Ltd
RHB Indochina Bank Limited
Union Commercial Bank Plc